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          BK Energy Joint Stock Company was granted Business Registration Certificate No.0315970509 by the Department of Planning and Investment of  Ho Chi Minh City.


          Thanks to acumen, the vision of leadership and labor force having a long time working experience in petrol field (Diezel (DO), especiallyFuel oil (FO), lubricant oils and lubricants products), BK Energy is continuously enlarging, investing into facilities, transport, and enhancing our product quality and services to determine BK Energy company as one out of the most prestigious-qualitative-professionabompanies that leading in petroleum market (Diesel oil (DO), especially Fuel oil (FO), lubricant oils and lubricantsproducts). Following the principle Prestige is Gold”, the Company always puts the priority on our clients’ benefit, and admittedly bring the most fantastic experiencelo clients.



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    Gold news

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    Petroleum prices (vnd/líter)

    Product Area 1 Area 2
    RON 95-III 21.970 22.400
    E5 RON 92-II 21.140 21.560
    DO 0,05S-II 19.420 19.800
    Oil FO 3.5S 17.280 17.620

    Price from 15:00 06/06/2024

    Gold price (vnd/ounce )

    City Buy Sell
    SJC TP.HCM 55.300.000 55.800.000
    SJC Ha Noi 55.300.000 55.820.000
    SJC Da Nang 55.300.000 55.820.000

    Petroleum retail price

    TT Product Price Adjusted at 15:30 on 06/06/2024
    Adjusted spread (increase/decrease)
    1 Xăng RON 95-III 21.970 -540
    2 Xăng E5 RON 92-II 21.140 -610
    3 Dầu DO 0,05S-II 19.420 -320
    4 Dầu FO 3.5S 17.280


    (The above prices are inclusive of VAT and environment tax)



    80.294 tỷ VNĐ

    doanh thu năm 2019

    10.342 tỷ VNĐ

    vốn điều lệ

    7,6 triệu tấn/năm

    cung cấp dầu thô cho nhà máy lọc dầu Dung Quất

    11 triệu tấn/năm

    xuất bán dầu thô

    600.000 m3, tấn/năm

    chế biến sản phẩm dầu, dầu mỡ nhờn

    952.000 m3

    tổng sức chứa kho xăng dầu

    3,2 triệu m3, tấn/năm

    phân phối xăng dầu, chiếm 20% thị phần


    cửa hàng xăng dầu đại lý

    Business Activities

    Focusing on people and the environment, sharing results with partners, pursue your business goals.

    Import and export of crude oil
    and international oil trading

    BK Energy distrinutes Petrol, DO, FO. With professional operating system, fast delivery support for customers,...

    Trading and distributing products for engine oil, hydraulic oil,...

    BK Energy specializes in distributing products for engine, gear oil, hydraulic oil, marine oil, bridge and gearbox,...

    Import and export of crude oil and international oil bussiness



    We connect customers with high quality products through our supply, storage and distribution operations.

    System of petroleum stores

    Petroleum storage system