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    Introduction of BK ENERGY Joint Stock Company


    • BK ENERGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY continuously expands, constantly invests in facilities, means of transportation and improves the quality of products and services to position BK ENERGY as one of the prestigious companies – Quality – Most professional in the petroleum market (Especially Mazut oil (FO), Diezel oil (DO), lubricant oil and grease).
    • Born with a mission to contribute to Vietnamese society through distribution and sales activities, helping customers easily find quality products with the best prices, and at the same time want to demonstrate social responsibility. to improve the quality of life for the Vietnamese people.
    • Motto: Quality – Prestige – Professional
    • With the motto “Prestige is gold” BK Energy always puts the interests of customers first to serve, committing to bring customers the best experience.


    BK Energy Team

    Vision - Mission - Core Values


    With relentless efforts to create and apply science in management. BK Energy wishes to become one of the leading prestigious and professional companies in Vietnam in the oil and gas field.


    Bring to the community the best quality lubricant products with reasonable price to promote the development of Vietnamese industries. Besides, it also builds a professional service style to ensure the highest benefit for customers with the principle: PRESTIGE IS GOLD.

    Core Values

    Always prioritize the quality and the prestige of the Company on top to bring customers the most satisfaction.

    Business Venue

    Head office:

    • 47 Tan Huong Street, Tan Quy Ward, Tan Phu District, HCM City


    • 21 Le Trung Nghia, 12 Ward, Tan Binh District, HCM City

    Hotline: 0866.766.189 – 0909.066.672

    Email: xangdaubk@gmail.com